Our company Agri-Nova-Tech was founded to deal in the field of transferring biotechnology especially in the field of agriculture through a wide range of new products in the field of plant nutrition, protection from pests and planet diseases also nutrition of plants through the late scientific means used in field of plant nutrition.


Agri-Nova-Tech works through her research and development team on time on the problems of plant production faced by its farmers and the search for solutions and modern technologies used in the face of these agricultural problems in order to achieve the farmers increase the quantity of the crop and reduce the costs of production and increase the quality of plant production and improve resistance Plants for environmental degradation caused by climatic and natural factors are not suitable for plant growth resulting from global climate change.


One of ِAgri-Nova-Tech’s main objectives is to contribute to the sustainable development processes through the development of agricultural production so that it conforms to international standards while reducing production costs by providing a range of high quality products that help farmers achieve the highest results at the lowest possible cost.

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